VC-Mapping – What it is

With the amount of startup investments quickly rising, it’s become undeniably important for founders to identify the best venture capital options for their next round. To make that process easier, we've made the initiative to assemble a comprehensive library of VC’s from around the world — all in one convenient place.Our library provides an exceptional resource for founders to efficiently uncover potential investors and make smart investment decisions. Regardless of the stage of your business or desired direction, you can quickly discover the right VCs with our easy-to-access database.

About Gilion

At Gilion, we believe that for a startup to succeed, it needs access to the perfect capital mix of venture capital and debt. That's why we are working hard with experienced VC's to make sure that startups have the opportunity to reach their goals as quickly as possible.

At Gilion, we fund startups with debt capital for growth. But we also work tightly together with VC’s to deploy debt together with equity during funding rounds for a new type of capital mix of both equity and non-dilutive debt.

We understand that capital plays a critical role in helping companies grow. Our aim is to provide an avenue for entrepreneurs around the world to access funding and jump-start their dreams.

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