Where do you get the data?

The Gilion Investors Hub gathers data from many sources, including investors directly, publicly available lists, Twitter threads, outside contributing databases, and more. We use images from Clearbit’s Opengraph Library (https://clearbit.com/logo)

Is it free to use?

Yes! Gilion investors hub is a free and open investor database for anyone to use as they want.

Are all VC’s in the world added to the library?

No. There are plenty of other VC’s not in the list. This is not of an active choice from us. Today’s library of VC’s are based on other open data on firms in the different markets.

Do you recommend any specific VC-firms?

We do not have any say in the VC’s on the list. The idea behind the library is to make it easier to find the ones available.

Finding the right venture capital firm can be a daunting task for founders. Not only must they exhaustively search through the multitude of VCs out there, but also find one that matches their company's statistics and stage.

To make this easier, we have assembled an extensive library of VCs across the world, making it simpler to identify potential investors and ultimately secure funding. This library allows founders to more effectively narrow down their list, giving them greater insight into who’s out there and which firms may be an ideal fit. So much time and effort can be saved by having all these resources in one location - our library helps take some of the guesswork out of finding the perfect VC.

I want to add my VC firm to the list. How do I do that?

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What do I do if I want my VC-firm to be edited or deleted. How do I do?

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